David Gahr Obit

David Gahr Obit

David Gahr (1922-2008) – In Memorium

David Gahr was as talented as any of the great performers he photographed. Dave was making art when he took photos, while so many others were just taking snapshots. Gahr’s work is an enduring legacy of late 20th Century folk, blues and jazz artists, because a Dave Gahr photograph elevated these musicians beyond a mere black and white image. Dave imbued them with humanity and evoked a dimension of their art that only he could capture on film. David Gahr loved his work, he loved the music, he loved the performers. In turn, we very much loved Dave for his contributions, and for the wonderful companionship we will miss. We have lost an important link to our past…thankfully, his photographs remain a testament to his greatness.

Roger Deitz


Sing Out! Magazine

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