Love Songs, Now and Then

Love Songs, Now and Then

All songs, written, performed and arranged by Roger Deitz; (BMI),
(C) (P) 2012, Roger Deitz
Album design by Ed Courrier

Roger Deitz; Guitar and Vocals, Tracks 1-14, Piano on Track 9

Jane Gillman; Harmonica, Track 1

Janice Kollar; Additional Vocals, Track 1

Barry Mitterhoff; Mandolin, Tracks 1,2,9,10, and 14

Kenny Kosek; Fiddle, Tracks 1,2,9,10, and 14

Vic Collucci; Bass, Tracks 1,2,9,10, and 14

Tracks 3-8, and 11-13 were recorded a while back in Roger's living room, all in one take. Roger is playing and singing simultaneously into two artfully placed microphones while sitting in a rocking chair. Although these might sound like multi-track guitar recordings, there is only one guitar, his 1978 C.F. Martin M-38, being played with a flat pick in Roger's singular style; with melodies, counter-melodies, bass, solos and chords concurrently supporting his vocals. These rocking chair songs were produced by Roger Deitz and Randy Poe. Roger has added to these, multi-track songs 1,2, 9,10 and 14 that were studio recorded by Bill Kollar at London by Night Productions, Woodbridge, NJ and co-produced by Lynne White. Final mastering and sequencing of Love Songs; Now and Then by Glenn M. Taylor, Taylor-Made Productions, Caldwell, NJ.

  1. The Sunday Blues (3:33) Sunday Blues mp3
  2. Can’t Get Lower Down (3:11) Cant Get Lower Down mp3
  3. Delaware River Romance (3:54)
  4. For a Friend (3:37)
  5. Sawdust on the Floor (4:36) Sawdust On The Floor mp3
  6. The Common Man (3:47) The Common Man mp3
  7. Alone in Paradise (2:35)
  8. A Note on the Door (3:53)
  9. That’s Not Music (2:39)
  10. The Dance (2:46) The Dance mp3
  11. Grandpa’s Knife (4:12)
  12. Dancin’ Sally (3:44)
  13. San Angelo (4:21)
  14. Never Say “I Love You” (1:58)

Total – 48:50

Cover Photo – Morris and Sophie Deitz – on their wedding day, March 14, 1936.

Roger Deitz Records, 0000-38


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