What others have said or written about Roger…
(All quotes are authentic!)

“Deitz is a storyteller in the best sense of the phrase…a political commentator in the same school as Woody Allen, Groucho Marx, or Robert Klein. One can only hope that Deitz will be encouraged to continue to write – as well as perform on the folk circuit.”

– Artie Traum
Sing Out! magazine

“…his graceful guitar playing and poetic yet unpretentious lyrics commanded the crowd’s full attention, while his song “The Common Man” avoided the cliches one might expect and was ultimately moving.”

– Jay Lustig
The Star-Ledger

“Roger Deitz sounds as if he was influenced by Pete Seeger, but with a voice like Stan Rogers.”

– Gene Shay
WHYY, Philadelphia

“…so amazingly talented, and a terrific performer. He’s a nice guy too…and a very good sport! I know he won a bunch of new fans at our concert!”

– Sue Leventhal
Hungerthon/World Hunger Year

“Roger Deitz has a lot of talent as a writer and performer. I hope he keeps writing lots of songs and singing those he’s written.”

– Pete Seeger

“…the best entertainer of the night…Deitz is an absolute delight to see and hear live.”

The East Coast Rocker
Fast Folk Show/The Bottom Line

“Roger Deitz is a very fine performer. Next to me he’s my favorite folksinger…and he makes me laugh. Every time my wife hears him perform, she remarks she is ‘enchanted by his playing.’ My sideman, John Foli, himself a superb guitarist, gives Roger his highest praise for a unique, self-taught guitar technique.”

– Oscar Brand
WNYC, New York

“It is only a matter of time until Deitz is signed to a major label.”

Harmonies Magazine

“Roger Deitz captivated the audience with his own traditional style of pure folk music combined with a warm humanitarian approach and insight. He is a master of parody and characterization…colorful and unsurpassed.”

The Hurdy Gurdy Newsletter

“Very funny and wonderfully witty. I’m going to call Minnesota Public Radio and suggest Roger as a replacement for Garrison Keillor.”

– Maggie Roche
The Roches

“Roger Deitz, in his many appearances at the Philadelphia Folk Festival, has never failed to impress both staff and audiences with his quick wit and strong performing skills. Whether in a small workshop, an afternoon concert spot, or Saturday night on the main stage, Roger always has the right song performed with a thoughtful, entertaining style. It’s a pleasure to recommend him to all.”

– Fred Kaiser, Program Director
The Philadelphia Folk Festival

“Even when placed in the toughest slots, Roger can be relied upon to win over the audience. His songs are new, yet sound like they are part of our tradition.”

– Paula Ballan, Program Director
The Long Island Folk Festival

“It would be fair to say that Roger Deitz is the Art Buchwald of the folk music world – except to say that Deitz is more entertaining.”

– Jim Hatlo
Frets Magazine

“When I first heard Roger Deitz, I got out my guitar to play along and still I couldn’t figure out how he plays. His is a totally original guitar playing style.”

– Jimmy Ibbotson
The Nitty Gritty Dirt Band

“If it takes me the rest of my life I’m going to pay him back for that parody he did of me at the Philadelphia Folk Festival!” (ed. Tom did, at the 20th WHY concert – with a parody of the parody.).

– Tom Paxton

“You were great Friday night. You played well and very sensitively to the moment – like playing banjo without singing for a long while after Loudon (Wainwright III), and your introductions of musicians were gracious, informative and articulate. All in all, a great job, was the opinions of my friends and me and the strangers sitting around us.”

– John Weingart
WPRB-FM, Princeton
Note on the Philadelphia Folk Festival

“For over 30 years Roger Deitz has plied the folk scene on both sides of the stage lights. As a performer, he has graced venues from the Philadelphia Folk Festival’s main stage to little church basement coffeehouses. He plays a mix of traditional and familiar songs along with his own material. The latter runs the gamut from touchingly sentimental to outlandishly funny, and all accompanied by guitar and banjo work that is classy without being flashy. When not performing, he is a respected writer for music publications from Sing Out! to Billboard .”

– Mike Agranoff
The Folk Project Newsletter

“The inimitable Roger Deitz…an old and admired friend, and one hell of a musician. I want to be in the audience making rude noises.”

– Peggy Noonan
Political Pundit

“Roger writes with great style…he is most entertaining.”

– Sammy Cahn, Lyracist/Songwriter

“Not bad for a white boy…his playing reminds me of Lionel Hampton.”

– Walter Bishop, Sr., Songwriter

“Roger is going to be a great man some day.”

– Will Durant, historian

“You’re a terrific writer.”

– Donna Brazile, political consultant

“The funniest man in America.”

– Robin Williams (Robin & Linda Williams)

“He’s a noted singer, a talented songwriter, an amazing multi-instrumentalist, and a respected author. He’s also a genuinely nice guy – but he can be forgiven for that!”

– Randy Poe, President of Leiber and Stoller Publishing, noted author