Love Songs, Now and Then

Reviews of Roger’s recent album; Love Songs, Now and Then

“Love Songs, Now and Then a new CD of Deitz’s original songs, provides a sonic complement to his witty essays. His storytelling is poised and relaxed, and his dexterous guitar runs like a steady electric current through the songs. He’s developed two unmistakable sonic signatures: his broad, warm baritone and his deft guitar playing, which often sounds like several guitarists playing at once.” Tris McCall writing in the Star-Ledger

“Heartfelt, Honest and Wonderful! When I first listened to this collection of tunes, I was immediately impressed with Roger’s ability to present heartfelt and honest portrayals of the human condition and the varied perspectives of love. The lyrics are sincere and genuine and the vocal delivery is passionate, yet relaxed and comforting. I have been familiar with Roger Deitz through live performance and was not surprised that he could compile and deliver such a collection of gems as these! This is a CD that belongs in every personal music collection because it reaches out to all of us in some way or another!”– Andy Allu

“I love Roger Deitz and I love these songs. You will love them, too.” – Tom Paxton

“I really enjoyed ‘Love Songs, Now and Then.’ Roger Deitz is a New Jersey Gem and a National Treasure.” Ron Olesko, Traditions, WFDU

“The CD is superb, with well crafted songs and such tasteful guitar accompaniment.” – Doug Orr, founder of The Swannanoa Gathering

“My wife and I found your CD delightful. The CD is a thing of beauty. On the first track we burst out laughing for joy. Just loving the album. I admire your zeal and know-how and of course – your talent. ” – Billy Edd Wheeler

“Sounds *great* Congrats!!” Mark Moss, Editor of Sing Out!

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